Pre-Chiropractic Assessment

We're currently working with a number of vets to develop a simple screening process as a guide for vets to use when their clients request a referral to a chiropractor, however, don't currently have any specific 'medical' complaints as such.

This way, a time-effective consult can be developed for those clients requesting a chiropractic referral for their pets, but have no specific complaints to report.

Vets who are chiropractic patients themselves will understand this process. We have a number that we already work with in this context.

Essentially, it will comprise a screening process to rule out/identify any contra-indications/concerns that may modify treatment options.


Where clients aren't currently 'members' of that vet practice, it will provide an opportunity for the vet to identify any medical issues that may need to be addressed also.

More information will be posted here, once a suitable screening process is developed.

If you wish to contribute or discuss further, we welcome any input you may have.

To be notified when a 'screening consult' guide is ready, drop us an email.