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As of June 10th, 2021, the S.A. Veterinary Practice Regulations underwent a variation to exclude the following as part of the definition of veterinary treatment;

(k)non-invasive manual physical therapy of an animal;
(l) the use of a therapeutic device on an animal in the course of non-invasive physical therapy of the animal (other than extracorporeal shock wave therapy);
(m) the giving of advice, and the assessment of an animal, in relation to physical therapy referred to in paragraph (k) or (l).

As a result, vets are no longer required to formally refer animals for the above forms of treatment (which includes chiropractic care).

However, should you wish to recommend a patient to us, you'll find our online referral form will make the process nice and simple. To access it, click here.

Otherwise referrals can be sent directly by email to

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Dr. Chris Hume-Phillips
Human/Animal Chiropractor

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