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The Vet Surgeon's Act (SA) requires any non-veterinarian treatment of animals be "directed by a vet". It doesn't clarify how the 'direction' should occur, but it would seem that a  written 'referral' of sorts would more than amply cover requirements.

Generally, the following information covers most bases:

1. Current working diagnosis/clinical impression

2. Request for biomechanical assessment and relevant Chiropractic treatment.

3. Any notable red flags/contra-indications, that may impact treatment options.

4. A copy of current history/radiographic images/other relevant reports.

Most vets use our online referral form, here.

Otherwise referrals can be sent by email to

Occasionally, we have owners ask to be directed to a vet, as they don't have a usual vet, in order to organise a referral. We already have a number of vets who are happy to provide this service, however, we plan to set up a page here listing vets they can go to for a chiropractic referral. If you'd like your practice to be added on the list, please let us know.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Dr. Chris Hume-Phillips
Human/Animal Chiropractor