Getting a Referral

A referral is required from your vet in order to recieve treatment by someone other than a vet.

The simplest way to go about this is by doing  the following;

  1. Make an appointment with your vet, and let them know you're after a chiropractic referral.

  2. Let them know we have a simple on-line referral form set up under the "For Vets" section of this website that they can complete after performing an assessment.

  3. Note that vets will require to physically assess any animal before referring. There may be an exception to this if they have already seen your animal recently (vet's discretion).



  1. Dr. Carolin Power is a mobile vet who can organise a referral assessment. Her number is 0428 179 836. 

  2. Dr. John Katakasi (Adelaide Plains Vet) can organise a referral for you also.


We will be adding more vet contact details over time.